Work w/Me

Let’s face it.

We all want to increase page views, build social media followings, increase our reach, grow a subscription list, have more readers and more customers and move them through a sales funnel that involves constant contact.

In other words you want to get and keep your name out there, in front of people. The right people at that.

And this goal manifests itself in project creation: that period of craziness between conception, launch and (if you’re a smart marketer) maintenance of all promotions and products, be they for sale or free.

I’m here to be a helping pair of hands; someone you can delegate work to and finally exhale.

Are any of these items on your to-do list?

  • Inform and inspire your audience with research and expert interview-driven articles that create buzz

  • Help your readers solve specific problems they’re struggling with right now

  • Reach new customers and show how your products and services will benefit them

  • Develop new marketing tools to increase brand awareness, introduce new products and create sales

  • Improve current marketing efforts by focusing on customer benefits with a persuasive call to action

  • Design an outreach system that will build relationships with potential customers

  • Create web copy that interests your customers and readers while keeping your brand visible

  • Develop digital or print newsletters that will keep you in contact with customers, businesses and employees while building your email subscription list

  • Use multiple strategies to grow an email list of interested current and potential customers

  • Design compelling landing pages and marketing tools that increase conversion

  • Create engaging copy that will allow you to focus on other important projects

  • Make your life (a little) easier

Does any of that look familiar?

Let me know a little bit about your project and its goals…or maybe your blog needs a facelift and some new content.

​ What can I take off your plate?

You can email me at or use the form below.

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