How What You Make Per Hour Affects Your Freelance Writing Income

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It’s an impolite thing to ask, I know. But you don’t have to answer me. What’s important is that you know the answer to this question. “But I’m not hourly,” you say. And you’ve got a point, you’re a ways away from the 9-5, but time management still matters.

If you’re not using this strategy to calculate your freelancing rates, you could be earning less than minimum wage – without knowing it.

On the other hand, use this time management strategy correctly and you’ll not only earn more money from your writing, you’ll know HOW to reach higher income goals! And as a bonus, you’ll learn how to estimate your rates for future clients by studying the criteria of these assignments and projects.

Use this time management strategy correctly and you'll not only earn more money from your writing, you'll know HOW to reach higher income goals! Click To Tweet

I hope you enjoy the video! (It’s nice to actually talk to you! And I’m in love with that opening jingle. 🙂 )

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I spent years working low-paying jobs. I’ve been a cashier. A line cook. I unloaded trucks. These days I support myself and my children with my writing. It’s a new and exciting life – and I want the same for you!