10 (Mostly) Scholarly & Prestigious Business Writing Markets

10 scholarly business writing markets


Do you write reports and case studies?


Can you interpret data?


If so, these (mostly) scholarly, business markets may be on your bucket list. Most of these don’t pay for ethical reasons but a published report can support guest posts, articles, and books.


Personally, the guidelines alone make my head spin but if you have a background in law or business, these markets may provide valuable opportunities.


Harvard Business Review

HBR covers a wide range of topics, including strategy, leadership, organizational change, negotiations, operations, innovation, decision making, marketing, finance, work-life balance, and managing teams.

Rates unlisted.


The Business Lawyer

More for the prestige than the cheddar, this is a publication of the American Bar Association.

The Business Lawyer circulates to approximately 40,000 readers and is among the most cited law journals in the nation.

Pay is in copies (50).


The Journal of Business Research

JBR invites manuscripts particularly in the areas of accounting, buying behavior, finance, international business, management, marketing, and risk and insurance.

Offprints can be ordered for a fee.


Journal of World Business

JWB welcomes manuscripts in the following areas: Global Political and Economic Environment; Strategic Management; Organizational Behavior; Cross-Cultural Management; Leadership; Human Resources Management; Ethics, Social Responsibility and Sustainability; Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

Offprints can be ordered for a fee.


Business & Society

Business & Society aims to be the leading, peer-reviewed outlet for scholarly work dealing specifically with the intersection of business and society.

No pay listed.


Strategy + Business

Our subject is the field of management and business decision making — particularly, the trends, issues, insights, philosophies, and research that can affect significant decisions, and the ways those decisions play out in practice.

Rates unlisted.


Graziadio Business Review

The content of the GBR reflects the school’s mission and emphasis on values-centered leadership, innovation and change, a global orientation, and the advancement of contemporary business practice.

No rate listed.


Atlantic Business Magazine

Please note that we only publish stories specific to Atlantic Canadian businesses or business people.

40 cents per word.


Rutgers Business Review

Looking for business cases and:

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Articles that provide significant managerial insights based on recently published academic studies in premier academic journals.

No pay listed.



Bloomberg View invites fresh and timely op-ed submissions on all newsworthy subjects.

No rate listed.


Looking for something else?

Author Pro


Try these markets:


10 scholarly business writing markets



I spent years working low-paying jobs. I’ve been a cashier. A line cook. I unloaded trucks. These days I support myself and my children with my writing. It’s a new and exciting life – and I want the same for you!

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