19 Freelance Writing Reprint Markets For Easy Money

19 freelance writing reprint markets

Hey, freelancers. Are you ready to make some residual income? Maybe you’re in the famine part of the feast/famine cycle of freelancing and could use some extra cash or want to schedule some easy-income days on your calendar between deadlines. No matter your reason, the solution is the same—selling your previously published pieces to reprint markets!

Of course, you’ll first need to make sure that you still hold legal rights to resell the work (so dig out those contracts!), but once you have a list of salable pieces, it’s a simple matter of marketing. Keep in mind that many of the markets purchasing reprints are regional but a few quick phone calls can help you add local sources to your text, making your article re-marketable!

I also suggest building long-term relationships with your reprint editors. Those that know and like your work will be grateful that you make their lives easier—and once you’ve become a reliable source of content, it may justify a raise—or batch purchases of your previously published reprint articles!

So where can you find these magical reprint markets that don’t require from-scratch wordcraft? Well, call it a coincidence, but I have nineteen of them right here!

Metro Parent For Southwest Michigan

“Metro Parent Media Group is always looking for talented, experienced freelance writers to enhance our magazine, ancillary publications and website. Our general goal is to have a good mix of fun and substantive local stories of interest to local parents. If you think you can help us do that, then read on.

  • Features 1,000-2,500 words: $150-$350, depending on complexity of topic and number of sources required to do the story justice
  • Department columns: $50-75
  • Parent Pipeline pieces: $35-50
  • Reprints: $35

Payment is upon publication. Checks are usually sent out within the first week of the month of publication.”


Parents & Kids Magazine

“If you are submitting a reprint article, feel free to email the entire article.  Pasting it into the body of the email message is fine.  If you have a topic you would like to write an original article about, please contact me (gretchen (at) parents-kids.com) before embarking on the research and writing stages.  Just because your submission fits our editorial guidelines does not guarantee publication.  So please do not go to all the trouble to write and article just for us, without first ensuring that we have an actual need for the article.”

Be sure to check their editorial calendar for upcoming themes. “Fees will be set with editor upon topic assignment . Our standard reprint fee is $25 per article. Base writer fee is $25 per article  + additional compensation based upon evaluation criteria. Kill Fee is $25. Columns are $25.”


Alaska Parent

“We’re looking for lively, well-written stories that cover all stages of parenting. We look for pieces covering local interests, health & wellness, pregnancy & babies, education, travel, hands-on activities, seasonal interests, parental involvement, family fun, as well as “how-to” articles that will make family life easier.

Payment is negotiated per article and depends on the complexity of subject, the length of the article and the writer’s level of professional experience and/or track record writing for us. For original articles, we generally pay $40-$200. For reprints, we generally pay $25-$40; however, authors willing to localize their reprints with interviews with local parents and experts can expect more.”



Lightspeed is seeking original science fiction and fantasy stories. All types of science fiction and fantasy are welcome. No subject should be considered off-limits, and we encourage writers to take chances with their fiction and push the envelope.

Lightspeed pays 8 cents per word for original fiction, or 2 cents per word for reprints.”


Chesapeake Family

“We have a circulation of about 40,000 with an estimated 90,000 readers. They get the magazine at schools, libraries, doctors’ offices, grocery stores and toy stores. Our readers are parents (mostly moms) of children from the cradle to college age. They’re well educated and strive to do the best for their children even as they juggle busy lives and try to watch their budgets. They tend to pick up Chesapeake Family initially for the calendar of monthly activities and the sections on health and education. We also have an increasing web presence that now exceeds our print audience. Many print stories are used online, though fresh content is added to the website daily.

For assigned articles, our pay range is $75-200, with articles that require more research at the higher rate. We pay around $35 for reprints but note that we try not to overlap coverage with other parenting publications in the region”


Hudson Valley Parent

“Our readers are primarily middle- and-upper-income mothers whose children range in age from infants to 14 years. We categorize our articles based on the age of the children: newborns and kids under 5; grade school kids up to the age of 9 years old; tweens up to age of 14 years old. Topic areas include camps, schools, health, family life, enrichment program and places to go. We want stories that focus on local families and Hudson Valley family life. Helping parents parent is our theme.

We generally pay $80 for locally-slanted, assigned one-page story of 700-800 words, $90-$120 for 1,200 word or more features. Our fees for reprints are between $25-$35 depending on the word count.”


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Carolina Parent

“Issues typically reflect a theme, and include regular features and columns. Our audience consists of parents, teachers, child care providers and other advocates for newborns through teenagers.”

  • Fees vary depending on the length and depth of the story. Original, feature-length manuscripts written on assignment generally pay $75-$300 depending on the word count and publication the content is being written for.

  • Reprint rates vary.

  • Writers are paid within 30 days of publication.

  • In the event that the editorial team determines the content is unacceptable and cannot be revised to editorial satisfaction, Morris Media Network will pay a kill fee of 25 percent of the fee contracted for, and will have no further obligations to the contractor with respect to the work.


Funds For Writers

We DO want…

  • ideas on breaking into a particular market (but try to avoid one vendor/publication)
  • pointers on winning contests
  • unique ways to develop an income with words
  • success stories with ideas for others
  • profitable business practices related to writing
  • seasonal material affiliated with particular markets
  • grant success stories
  • nonprofit partnerships
  • unique markets
  • unusual writing income ideas
  • anything to help a writer make a dollar penning words
  • a dash of humor, if possible; a positive note and a happy ending

$50 for unpublished original articles; $15 for reprints.”



“We seek articles on almost every aspect of writing: fiction, nonfiction, business/commercial writing, the business of writing, how to get published, how to promote oneself and one’s writing, and so forth. We look for articles that clearly demonstrate the author’s experience and familiarity with the topic. We accept articles between 1000 and 2000 words, with a preference for the 1000-1500 word range. We never use short pieces (e.g., 500 words). Please keep in mind that we are not a blog – we are not interested in “blog posts” or pieces of basic “blog length.” And please don’t try to pitch an article on “everything you need to know about writing a novel in 800 words.” It can’t be done.

Payment is 7.5 cents per word for original articles, to a maximum of $150. (While we do accept articles longer than 2000 words, payment is capped at $150.) Reprints are paid a flat $35 and humor a flat $20. Guest editorials are paid a flat $50 for original pieces and $25 for reprints. Payment is on acceptance for all pieces except for guest editorials; guest editorials are paid on publication.”


Chicken Soup For The Soul

“A Chicken Soup for the Soul story is an inspirational, true story about ordinary people having extraordinary experiences. It is a story that opens the heart and rekindles the spirit. It is a simple piece that touches our readers and helps them discover basic principles they can use in their own lives. These stories are personal and often filled with emotion and drama. They are filled with vivid images created by using the five senses. In some stories, the readers feel that they are actually in the scene with the people.

Author Pro

Please submit only stories or poems that have not been previously published. The only exception to this is if your work has only been published in a small local publication with limited circulation or on your own blog.

If we publish your story or poem, you will be paid $200 one month after publication of the book and you will receive ten free copies of the book your story or poem appears in.”


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Sammiches & Psych Meds

“[Reprint] posts can be original or previously published on a writer’s blog or other website (as long as the writer has permission to republish elsewhere) and are republished here in full. These posts include an author bio with links to the writer’s blog and social media profiles. Writers are compensated via PayPal based on unique page views for a period of 30 days, according to the following scale:

*0-999 unique page views = $0.00
*1000-1999 unique page views = $25.00
*2000+ unique page views = $50.00

Writers grant Sammiches and Psych Meds Non-Exclusive Rights to the piece, meaning that the post will live on the site but the piece can be republished elsewhere at any time.”


Simply Family

“Readership is largely composed of families with children ages newborn through beginning college.  Although mostly mothers will pick up the magazine, statistics show that 89% of fathers also read this type of publication.  Readers have a wide variety of backgrounds but statistics show that 84% have a college education, many with advanced degrees. Approximately 55% are dual income families.

Free Shipping on $25

Articles submitted should address current parenting issues with Billings tie-ins whenever possible.   We are interested in well-researched, non-fiction articles covering all stages of parenting.    We look for pieces covering local interests, health, finance, education, travel, hands-on activities, recipes, seasonal interests, parental involvement, family fun, informational articles, humorous articles as well as “how-to” articles that will make family life easier.

Payment is made upon publication. Fees vary upon length, depth of piece and whether it’s an original manuscript, submitted, assigned, or if it is a reprint.”


Charlotte Parent

“Charlotte Parent is a monthly publication with a circulation of 40,000 that provides useful advice and local resources for parents raising children in the Charlotte area. As Charlotte’s leading parenting resource, our readers include parents, teachers, child-care providers and other advocates for children ages newborn through teens.

Fees vary depending on the length, depth and use of story. Assigned articles generally pay $50-$150, and reprints pay $30-$45. Writers are paid upon publication. We do not pay kill fees.”


nola Family

“Unless otherwise noted, all articles should include:

  1. Quotes from at least one expert (i.e., Ob/Gyns or pediatricians for medical-related articles; financial planners for a financial planning article, etc);
  2. At least two moms, moms-to-be, or dads who have experience in what the article addresses.
  3. nola baby & family magazine has relationships with local area doctors, and may opt to provide you with medical expert resources with your assignment.
  4. This is to facilitate your work, as they have been vetted by us and have agreed to be available to our writers. If you have a particular doctor you’d like to use as a source,
  5. please run his or her name by us first.

nola baby & family pays $25 for reprints; however, authors willing to localize their reprints with interviews with local parents and experts can expect more.”


Orlando Family Magazine

“Our editorial content is focused toward parents with children ages 0 to15. We prefer articles which can be localized to the Central Florida area, but we will consider topics that relate to families in general. We look for pieces covering issues concerning today’s parents, local family excursions, traditions, crafts, family fun, education and health & fitness. Featured articles require careful research, independent reporting and well developed story lines. Each monthly issue is focused around a particular theme as well as a variety of regular departments: Family Fun, Traditions, Kids Korner, Making a Difference, Health and Wellness, Movie Review, Growing up Online, Book Buzz and Calendar of Events.

For reprint offers, please inform us of where the material has been published. No phone calls please.” Reprint rates vary.


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Sacramento Parent

“Pretend you’re a smart, hip mom with a great sense of humor, a sensitive side, and way too much to do most days. (96% of our readers are women, and over 80% of them are college-educated.) You’re probably sleep-deprived and uber-busy. Ask yourself: would I have to read this? What would compel me? And what would I get out of it?

We have a limited monthly budget, and our rates vary (from $25 to $45 for reprints to around $50 to $200 for original articles) depending on the fit for our publication, and the amount of journalism, research, or travel, etc. required by a story. Not to mention how much additional work it needs before it’s ready for layout.”


New Jersey Family Magazine

“We expect freelancers to submit articles at the assigned word count, using good journalism techniques and solid writing skills. Specifically:

  • Multiple sources. A minimum of two sources. A 1,000-word feature should have no fewer than three sources. Please do not source or quote for-profit businesses unless the source is a bona fide authority. Please do quote educators, representatives of professional organizations, authors, experts, nonprofits, parents, etc.
  • Geographic representation. New Jersey Family magazine has a broad circulation throughout north central New Jersey. We have distribution in Union, Morris, Essex, Somerset, Mercer, Middlesex, Bergen, and Passaic counties, so it’s important to us that our sources reflect our readership territory. Freelancers don’t have to hit every county we cover, but they should have sources from more than one county. Ask us if you need help finding sources.
  • Sidebars. Any story 800 words or more should have a sidebar. It may be an info box with local contact information, tips related to the text, or website/book resources.
  • Features 600–1,000 words: variable, but approx. 10 cents per word
  • Reprints: $25–$50 depending on length
  • Web-only articles/blogs: $5 to $15 per post

We pay on publication. Checks and a tear sheet are usually sent out the last week of the month prior to publication date.

With the exception of reprints, we purchase First North American Serial Rights (FNASR). All assigned articles may be posted on our website, njfamily.com. Posting of reprints is negotiable.”


19 freelance writing reprint markets



Salvo publishes an eclectic range of articles in the areas of sex, science, and society. What distinguishes our content is its systematic deconstruction of false ideologies, philosophies, and worldviews. Articles should be well-researched and logically sound, as well as somewhat timeless in subject matter. Salvo is intended as a permanent resource; thus, articles that are overly tied to current events will be rejected.

We will consider an article that has appeared elsewhere, if 1) the readership of the magazine or website where it first appeared does not overlap with ours and 2) if you are willing, if necessary, to radically rework the article for our purposes. You must own the copyright to the article.

Original articles are given an honorarium of twenty cents per published word. Authors receive one author’s copy of the magazine. Reprint rates vary.



“Founded in 2012, Hypnos Magazine strives to promote the best weird fiction in the vein of H. P. Lovecraft, Lord Dunsany, Algernon Blackwood, Ambrose Bierce, Edgar Allan Poe, and Arthur Machen.

Dismayed by the state of contemporary weird fiction and the lack of respect it has fostered, we seek to encourage bold, thought-provoking literature that looks beyond the vampires, werewolves, and goblins that have become the staples of the genre.

Yes, we do accept reprints. Contributors receive 1¢ a word.”

I spent years working low-paying jobs. I’ve been a cashier. A line cook. I unloaded trucks. These days I support myself and my children with my writing. It’s a new and exciting life – and I want the same for you!

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