13 More Print Magazine Markets That Pay Big Bucks

13 more print markets that pay big bucks

Print magazine markets can be a swell deal for a freelance writer. Not only is the pay incredibly decent, there are the well-known publications to pad your portfolio and of course, seeing your name in print! But if you’re only cold-emailing or scavenging the job boards, you’re missing out on this huge opportunity to make a name for yourself, and earn some substantial cash to boot!

If you’re not sure how to approach a print market with what’s pretty interchangeably called a pitch or a query, I explain the entire process in another Paid Write post, 3 Ways To Make Money From Your Writing…Without Writing A Book. About halfway down the page you’ll find Queries, The Other White Meat. There’s some good info there and more, if you follow the link.

Now naturally, freelance writers such as yourselves want to get your hands on all the high-paying print markets you can find. Well, guess what?

This week I collected thirteen more for you!

Paid Write’s first print market post, 13 Print Magazine Markets That Pay Big Bucks, quickly became the popular post on the site! (Happy dance.) Obviously you understand the value of this particular niche so we’re highlighting it again in our market of the week.



Writer’s Digest

“Our style is confident, authoritative yet conversational. Our voice is that of one publishing industry insider speaking to another—your trusted friend in the business. Keeping informed on industry trends is essential to our readers’ success, so it’s essential for our editorial to address timely issues in publishing. Our goal is to provide readers with the inspiration, how-to instruction and culturally relevant information they need to fulfill their writing goals and be a part of the larger community of writers.

For manuscripts, we pay 30–50 cents per word, on acceptance, for first world rights for one-time print use and perpetual electronic use. Should we want to reprint anything we’ve purchased from you in anything other than electronic format, we’ll pay you 25% of the original purchase price per use. Contributor copies are sent to writers and artists whose work appears in that issue.”


Archaeology Magazine

“ARCHAEOLOGY magazine examines the discipline of archaeology through the lens of the discipline of journalism. The engine that drives all of our narratives is careful reporting and analysis of the archaeological record. Stories for the magazine have a strong narrative line. Essentially, our stories build out from the “finds”—the physical evidence—and narratives derive from those finds.”

Reportedly pays a maximum of $2,000.


Poets & Writers

“Available by subscription and on newsstands of most major bookstores, Poets & Writers Magazine reaches a national audience of 100,000 readers from emerging to established literary writers. The magazine has a strong following among both students and faculty in creative writing programs across the country. In addition, many of its readers pursue creative writing as an avocation, often pairing their literary lives with other careers.”

Writers have reported rates up to .17 cents a word.





The Sun

The Sun is a reader-supported ad-free magazine. We’ve been described in many ways: celebratory, fierce, unflinching, thoughtful, truthful, dark, darkly funny, tender. We publish nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. We tend to favor personal writing, but we’re also looking for provocative pieces on political and cultural issues.”

Writers have reported rates of .20 to .25 cents per word.




Apex Magazine

Apex Magazine is an online prose and poetry magazine of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and mash-ups of all three. Works full of marrow and passion, stories that are twisted, strange, and beautiful. Creations where secret places and dreams are put on display.

Payment for original fiction is $.06 per word up to 7,500 words.”






Rookie Magazine

“We accept all kinds of writing—fiction, nonfiction, essays (not school essays), rants, raves, humor, poetry, etc. Please search the site to see if something similar has been published on Rookie in the past! We get a lot of submissions about topics that we’ve already covered.”

Writers have reported .05 to .06 cents per word.







Deep South Magazine

Deep South Magazine accepts original fiction, short stories and shorts, nonfiction and poetry. We do reserve the right to edit submitted works for length and clarity if necessary. Deep South welcomes freelance articles by both established and beginning writers who have a link to the South. If you have a story idea, event or subject you’d like to write about, please e-mail your query to editor@deepsouthmag.com. Payment for freelance articles is discussed on an individual basis.”

Author Pro

Rates have been reported of .20 cents per word.




Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Dark Magazine

“Don’t be afraid to experiment or to deviate from the ordinary; be different—try us with fiction that may fall out of “regular” categories. However, it is also important to understand that despite the name, The Dark is not a market for graphic, violent horror.

We pay 3 cents/word for original fiction up to 6,000 words on acceptance for first world rights; and  1 cent/word for reprint fiction up to 6,000 words on acceptance for nonexclusive reprint rights.”




Audubon Magazine

“The National Audubon Society protects birds and the places they need, today and tomorrow, throughout the Americas using science, advocacy, education, and on-the-ground conservation.”

Reported rates range from .33 to .44 cents per word.

Free Shipping on $25









BirdWatching Daily Magazine

“BirdWatching (formerly Birder’s World) is a bimonthly magazine for people with a broad
interest in wild birds and birdwatching. Our readers are intellectually curious and well
educated. They own many field guides and other books about birds, and they read widely.

Queried articles are accepted on speculation only. Payment is made upon publication, and
we can’t always guarantee when or if the piece will be published. We pay $400 for most
features and less for shorter pieces. There is no payment for submissions to “Your Letters,”
“Since You Asked,” or “Your View.” All contributors to the magazine earn the editor’s
undying affection. Paid contributors receive two copies of the issue in which their work
appears; contributors to “Your View” receive one copy.”


Moment Magazine

“Moment is a contemporary, wide-reaching national publication reaching affluent, highly educated readers. Frequently called “The Jewish New Yorker,” Moment reaches 100,000 discerning consumers who travel widely, read avidly, attend varied cultural events and purchase luxury items. Moment is subscription based, but it is also sold at Barnes & Noble and independent bookstores nationwide.

Our readers include policymakers, government officials, financial leaders, philanthropists, non-profit personnel, media professionals, clergy, academics, teachers, lawyers, scientists, doctors, dentists, artists, musicians and more. Moment reaches people of all ages, from parents of young and college–aged children to baby–boomers and beyond.”

Rates have been reported of .20 cents per word.


Shimmer Magazine

Shimmer publishes speculative fiction — science fiction, fantasy, a dash of literary horror.

Shimmer aspires to publish excellent fiction across lines of race, income, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, geography, and culture, and therefore encourages submissions of diverse stories from diverse authors. This includes, but is not limited to: people of color, LBGTQIA, women, the impoverished, the elderly, and those with disabilities. We are not interested in acquiring fiction that denigrates or perpetuates stereotypes of the above groups.

We pay 5 cents per word, minimum $50. We are purchasing the right to display your story on our website and publish it in our annual print anthology. Four months after publication, most rights revert to the author, but we retain the right to continue selling digital back issues of the magazine, and the right to archive your story.”



Hakai Magazine

Hakai Magazine explores science and society in coastal ecosystems. Our editorially independent, web publication examines the ties between the ocean, land, and human societies through long- and short-form journalism, illustration, photography, and video.

Pitches can come from a variety of perspectives—archaeology, ecology, biology, geology, oceanography, anthropology, environment, business, technology, policy, engineering, history, and more—but they must pertain to marine coastal environments in some way.”

Rates have been reported up to .60 cents per word.



13 more print magazine markets that pay big bucks

I spent years working low-paying jobs. I’ve been a cashier. A line cook. I unloaded trucks. These days I support myself and my children with my writing. It’s a new and exciting life – and I want the same for you!

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