Land Your First Writing Clips

land your first writing clips


Congratulations on the courageous decision to put yourself out there and start collecting your first writing clips! (happy dance)


I assume you read the previous section of the career map and understand what to expect (and what is expected of you) as a freelance writer. If not, I urge you to go back and start at the beginning. There’s no point going into this new endeavor blind when you don’t have to. And even if you’ve been reading about freelancing obsessively, I’ve included tax resources to make your life (a little) easier; something you’ll be responsible for once you earn your first deposit. (Don’t worry, it’s only mildly irritating.)


Now let’s get you ready to land your first assignment. I’ll also talk about how to actually direct your career in an effort to land more of the types of writing you love.


In this section you’ll learn:

  • Where and how to land your first clips
  • How to use your clips to land more assignments
  • The 3 categories of freelance writing work
  • The 3 types of work your career needs to grow
  • To use your life experience to your freelance writing career’s advantage
  • How to research a new market—before you approach them
  • Ways to market your writing skills


Then I’ll show you where to find the best:

  • Job boards worth bookmarking (essentially classified ads for freelance writers)
  • Markets to write for
  • Markets for new writers


Now, are you ready to start taking on writing assignments?

(Assumed, “YES!”)

Then let’s get started!


Land Your First (1)

How to land your first writing assignments

Some markets are better for breaking in. We’ll talk about where you should focus your efforts, how to approach them, and I’ll even share a list of on-spec markets that are perfect for publishing your first article.


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3 Ways to (1)

3 Ways To Make Money From Your Writing…Without Writing A Book

To manage your career, you’ll want to be aware of the 3 categories of freelance writing work. Deciding how much to take on of each type will help you plan and focus your career goals.


3 Types of Writing

The 3 Types of Writing Your Career Needs to Grow

But in the grand scheme of writing as a passion, you might also plan to balance your paid work with personal and passion projects.


How Your LifeExperienceCan Land YouWriting Assignments

Use Your Life Experience to Your Freelance Writing Career’s Advantage

Use your current knowledge and experience to land new writing gigs and build your portfolio.


We’ll cover what to write about and how to identify your niche back on the career map. I’ll show you how to combine your experience with your clips to break into new markets and direct your chosen career path, so don’t forget. 🙂


The Ultimate Pre-Pitch Checklist

The Ultimate Pre-Pitch Checklist

This is a guide I wrote over at Be A Freelance Blogger and it’s something I urge new freelancers to use (or at least read) before pitching any new publication or client. Eventually you’ll be able to click over to a new market or client site and know exactly what to look for-but until then, this list shows you where to find what editors and clients expect you to know about them…before your pitch.




Here’s where to find jobs and publications that pay their writers:


Job Boards Worth Bookmarking

Job Boards Worth Bookmarking


PublicationsTo Pitch

Markets & Publications


Beginner Freelance Writers

Markets for New Freelancers


So you’re ready! That’s it. No more reading writing advice and industry content when you should be writing. That’s not to say that you can’t at all, but to support your work, not instead of it.

Also, make sure you’re writing regularly. Even I take days off but if being new to freelancing means you haven’t spent a lot of time writing lately, you need to start now. After all, you’re selling your skill and ability as a writer and there’s only one way to build those and become increasingly hireable: Write. (Probably the best advice I’ve got!)

And now that you’re marketing your writing, it means it’s time to start building and optimizing your professional website so you have somewhere to send all of those prospective clients.

If you don’t have a website, I’ll help you set up a WordPress site (both .com and .org, we’ll talk about the difference but either one will give you the chance to familiarize yourself with the software-which you’ll want on your resume) and if you have one already-Great! You’ll be able to skip straight to optimizing and setting your site up so it sells.

And makes you look good. 🙂

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I’ll see you back on the Interactive Freelance Writing Career Map when you’re ready to get started!


Section: Complete!

(Happy Dance)

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