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50+ Writing Markets and resources to get more clients and increase your income

50+ Writing Markets and Resources to Get More Clients and Increase Your Income

Currently offered as a FREEBIE when you subscribe to Paid Write. 50+ Writing Markets is sure to find new local and remote clients that will help you build a sustainable or luxurious freelance career, depending on how many hours you want to work each week.

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You Are Here: Recognizing the 5 Stages of Grief During a Life Change

Going through a difficult life change? Feeling stuck? Lost your joy?
You may feel like you’re treading water with no real direction or purpose but the truth is, you’re probably stranded somewhere within the stages of grief and don’t recognize it!
While the original focus of the five stages of grief applied to terminally ill patients, we experience the cycle of loss and grief throughout our lives. We grieve the loss of relationships, changes in employment, loss of opportunity, and threats to our comfort zones. And while camping out in this cycle isn’t pretty, it is possible to move forward and build something new. It might not feel like it yet, but that something new might be better than you could possibly imagine!







483 Non-Toxic DIY Health, Beauty & Household Recipes To Replace The Chemicals In Your Life

This beautiful 60-page full-color PDF guide includes all-natural DIY recipes for 483 cosmetics, bath & body indulgences, cleaning solutions, and lawn care treatments, allowing you to eliminate the chemicals in your home and the harmful effects they have on you and your family.









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