You Know You’re A Writer When…

There’s a lot of talk about what constitutes a ‘real writer’. I’ve got news for you, if you write and are passionate about writing you’re a writer. If you write and you hate it, you’re still a writer. The verb is ‘to write’ so by engaging in the activity, you’re already there. Stop doubting yourself!

We writers have our own set of difficulties and challenges…if you’re not a writer you wouldn’t understand. The struggle is real. So if you’re still wondering if you’ve made it to the ranks of titled ‘writer’, here are thirty signs that you might already be one…or you can click through the gallery above:

You Know You’re A Writer When…

  1. You stash a pen in your up-do, uh…and maybe a Sharpie.
  2. You read at least four non-fiction books at a time.
  3. Your inbox is crammed with newsletters from publications you admire.
  4. Instrumental music is useful for keeping lyrics out of your work.
  5. There’s your side of the bed…then there’s the side where you stack your books and papers.
  6. You keep wearing out coffee pots.
  7. You use your decorative pillows as make-shift lap desks.
  8. Notebooks. Everywhere.
  9. Your bookshelves claim more wall space than your entertainment center.
  10. You have a favorite brand of pen.
  11. Your journals span the last decade…and beyond.
  12. After spending hours in a bookstore, you still stop in the book section of the grocery store while buying milk on the way home.
  13. You’ll write on anything (including your body) when a line or idea comes to you.
  14. Anything can be a bookmark…even other books.
  15. You talk to yourself. A lot. Like, more than what’s normal.
  16. Your blog roll rolls…including the blogs you’ve abandoned. 🙁
  17. You manage a multitude of Facebook pages and groups.
  18. If you skimp on journaling, you lose your general direction in life.
  19. You don’t see a lot of tv shows and movies…but you hear them in the background.
  20. You have apps on your phone instead of Candy Crush.
  21. Binders. Stationary. Office Supplies. *Mic Drop*
  22. You’ve accepted writing as involuntary.
  23. You’re consistently waiting to hear back about new work.
  24. You collect clips instead of knick-knacks.
  25. Your collection of Writer’s Markets looks like a set of encyclopedias.
  26. Bracelets go on your left wrist, no rings on your right thumb. (reverse for lefties)
  27. You have pen marks on your pillows, sheets, purse, a couple of shirts, and most of the furniture.
  28. Your tattoos have fonts.
  29. Your personal library is mostly writing about writing.
  30. You’ve been told you should focus on a 9-5 job or that you spend too much time on your computer.

See? I told you! You’re living the writer’s life already.

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I spent years working low-paying jobs. I’ve been a cashier. A line cook. I unloaded trucks. These days I support myself and my children with my writing. It’s a new and exciting life – and I want the same for you!

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