The Importance of Adding Internal Links to Old Blog Posts

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Yes, I know you probably already have a plug-in that displays related posts within your blog pages…but you can do more. Not only will adding internal links increase your click-through rate, but it will also decrease your bounce rate as readers find more and more relevant content in one place—your blog.

Internal links allow you to offer more information to your readers, right when their interest is piqued. Think of it as your in-house marketing system. For example, imagine a reader is enjoying your post on cooking pasta in a crockpot…in addition to recommending a healthy, jarred sauce, you could also include a link to your recipe for homemade pasta sauce…and a link to your post on healthy pasta-swaps.

If you’re using WordPress, adding internal links is simple. When linking, make use of the available drop-down list, which will save you time and headache. (Highlight your text, click the link icon, and select the gear icon for settings.) Another way to keep track of your archives is to create a spreadsheet of the blog post titles you’ve published as well as the subjects they cover. It’s easy when writing lots of posts to lose track of what you’ve done. You won’t think to link to something you’ve forgotten exists on your blog!

Aim for 2 – 3 internal links within each post. In addition to weaving links into the text of your post, you will also want to include a related link (as well as one to your sign-up freebie) at the end of each post. These can include popular pieces or obscure ones that deserve attention. These links are in addition to any system you already have that displays related or popular posts.

Also, go through your archives (maybe one or two each day) and add related links that hadn’t been written when you originally published the post. This process takes relatively little time for the rewards earned. Not only will you keep readers interested and engaged, you will be growing the usefulness of your site and making the resources you provide more accessible. It’s a win-win for you, your blog, and your readers!

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See? Practicing what I preach right there!


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