Job Boards Worth Bookmarking

Job Boards Worth Bookmarking (1)

Job boards are a great place to land regular work and new projects.

Here are my regulars and some new-to-me quality discoveries I’ve found while building this list.

But I’d love your help with this. I know you guys know where to find work. 🙂

You can help other freelancers by sharing your favorite job boards for landing gigs, projects, and clients in the comments below.

If you use any paid membership job boards, I’m sure we’d all like to know which ones are worth it…and which ones to avoid.

So here’s to the resume: may she ever contain links to impressive pieces.


Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing

The Writer’s Job Board

Writers Weekly

Blogging Pro

Journalism Jobs


$ Paid to Blog (I haven’t used this-I’d love to hear if you have)

Media Bistro

We Work Remotely

Authentic Jobs

Freelance Writer’s Den Junk-Free Job Board


Writing Career

Simply Hired


Freelance Job Openings

Write Jobs

Be A Freelance Blogger

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