91 Freelance Writing Markets for Beginners

freelance writing markets for beginners

Congratulations on your decision to get published and earn your first clips by targeting these made-for-you freelance writing markets for beginners!

Hopefully you’re taking advantage of the Interactive Freelance Writing Career Map. It will walk you through setting up your new business step by step-from pitching new clients to designing your website. I’ve included everything you need-and nothing you don’t-so you can get to work instead of getting distracted.

I’d also love to send you a (free) copy of 50+ Writing Markets and Resources for Freelancers, which will walk you through tons of digital and local writing opportunities you might have overlooked. It’s a handy guide if you’re actively selling your writing services.



You can either click the ad to learn more or tell me where to send your copy below:


Next, read up on how to contact new clients, how to market your services to them, what you should know about them, before you send your pitch, and how to write a pitch/query that will land you an assignment.

Finally, check out the markets below that welcome new writers!

Some accept on-spec work where you submit a completed piece. On-spec markets allow you to craft an article so irresistible for their audience that they’ll be begging to publish it-without worrying about your lacking portfolio.

Others are beginner-level markets and guest-posting opportunities.

You can find more unpaid guest-posting markets by Googling [your niche] + [guest post] and many of these bloggers are happy to help new writers get their first clips!

Most don’t pay well-or at all-but they will serve to build the clips and experience you’ll need to advance your career and level-up your earnings.

Use your life experience to your advantage when pitching your first markets. What do you already know about? What experiences have you had? Is there a subject you’re passionate about? Or a life tragedy or experience you could share to support others? What about your work experience? Values and ideals?

If you need help or get your work published, we’re only a click away in the Paid Write Writer’s Group. Always happy to lend a hand-or share a happy dance. 🙂

Happy Hunting!

You’re gonna do GREAT!

Markets For New Freelance Writers


$ Kaleidoscope – Stories and non-fiction on disability topics

$ Animal Wellness Magazine 

$ Horse Journals

$ History Lists

$ Practical Homeschooling Magazine

$ Strategy Page

$ The Bark

$ The Introspectionist

$ Thriving Family

$ Moment Magazine

$ Teachers & Writers Magazine

$ True West

Canadian Dimension

$ Caribbean Beat

$ Our State: Celebrating North Carolina

$ Sage Woman

Professional Investigator Magazine

$ Outside Bozeman (Montana)

Annapurna Living

Speculative Grammarian



Explore Meditation

Living on a Dime


Marcie Writes


$ Digital Media Ghost

The Music Entrepreneur

Happier Human

The First Pull (coffee, yum)

Big Commerce


The Mezzofanti Guild


The Sunny Shadow

One Green Planet


Write Hacked

Daily Cup of Yoga

Manage WP

Electric Sense


Small Business Trends

Brain Injury Society

Time Management Ninja

Two Kids and a Budget

The Frugal Girls

Utility Dive

The Crown Fox

Young Upstarts

Geek Business

Working Moms Against Guilt



VAntage Point

Blogging Bistro

Dance Advantage

All Business

Postpartum Progress

Getting Smart

Musings on the Mundane


Chasing La Bella Vita

Big Blog of Gardening

The Women Talk

Child Health Explanation

Mothering Matters

Whole Being Institute

Grace Love Life

Health Affairs

Sisters in Crime

Life Learning Today

Altic Health Prevention


The Drive

Still Mothers

How to be Aware

Get Rich Slowly

Return on Now

Money Mamba

Man vs. Debt

Lucky Bitch

Big City Vegan

Chic Galleria

Motor Manner

Social Hospitality

Tuesday Serial

Healthy Debate

True Crime Diva

The Frugal Toad


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