5-Day Freelance Writing Business Launch Course


5-Day Freelance Writing Business Launch Course (1)


Do you dream of your own freelance writing career?

Working from home in your comfies?

Creating content for big-name clients and telling your current job to go to hell?

Travelling with your laptop and passport?

Well, what’s stopping you?

Chances are the overwhelming amount of advice online has made you feel confused and overwhelmed (wait, do I set up my website first? Should I send hundreds of cold emails or scroll the job boards—and how in the world do I get my first writing samples…without having any writing samples? Biggest catch-22 ever, right?)

Or maybe fear is holding you back. I know it did me. It takes confidence to sell a product and make no mistake, your product is your skill as a writer.

It takes courage to call yourself capable.

The fear will subside the more confidence you build, in your skills and in yourself as a self-employed writer.

Which is why I think it’s important for new writers to know the steps to setting up their freelance writing businesses. It’s not nearly as impossible as you think it is.

The problem is that following snippets of advice from all corners of the internet is not a strategy. Those chunks of information are not a plan or a successful blueprint to starting a business.

And the reason you’re feeling overwhelmed is because your brain is trying to cobble all these pieces together into a logical order.

That’s insane!

Marketing yourself with confidence is hard enough when you’re new and unsure, but struggling to build the business side of things at the same time?

There’s no reason for it.

Now what if I told you that you could not only set-up your business without being overwhelmed into paralysis, but that you could have your freelance writing business ready and marketing for clients within 5 quick days?

I’m not crazy. I’ve done it.


If we haven’t met yet, I’m Kristy Rice, founder of PaidWrite.


I launched my freelance writing business three years ago and haven’t looked back.

Walked out of wal-mart with my last check like a boss.

A real boss, actually—cause I was officially self-employed.

And it wasn’t long before I was making as much in one day as a freelance writer as I’d earn in a week at the supercenter.

Guess what I did?

I happily worked one day a week.

Now I’m not promising riches or gold, but I could have easily freelanced full-time and earned some big money.

I simply chose not to and enjoyed being home with my kids after years of dropping them off at daycare and having to go to work.

And I don’t see any reason why you can’t eventually make this decision for yourself, too.

Do you want to work full-time or live comfortably while working less?

This is why I built my website.

To help others escape the employee lifestyle and finally live for themselves.

And it’s why I’m building the 5-Day Freelance Writing Business Launch Course.

So that would-be freelance writers like you can quickly and easily set up their businesses, land their first clients, and understand how to build their business moving forward.

Without being overwhelmed to tears!

There’s no reason writing can’t be your career.

There’s no reason to keep selling your life to a company and (just a guess here, but) managers who don’t value you.

Plus, you’ll never have to request time off again—or commute—or even be confined to your current location.

Are you ready?

Ready for a brand new life?

Cause you could be well on your way in only five days.

Take the first step.

The 5-Day Freelance Writing Business Launch Course is open for early sign-up.

What does that mean?

It means that if you enter your email below, I’ll send you an email before I launch this course to the public—and you’ll get a nice discount for your patience.

Signing up does not mean you’ll be required to purchase the course and you won’t input any credit card information.

It’s just my way of offering you some savings—and a heads up—when the course opens to students.

So how about it?

Are you ready to launch the freelance writing business you’ve been dreaming about?

In less than a week?



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