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13 More Print Magazine Markets That Pay Big Bucks

13 more print markets that pay big bucks

Print magazine markets can be a swell deal for a freelance writer. Not only is the pay incredibly decent, there are the well-known publications to pad your portfolio and of course, seeing your name in print! But if you’re only cold-emailing or scavenging the job boards, you’re missing out on this huge opportunity to make a name for yourself, and earn some substantial cash to boot! If you’re not sure how to approach a print market with…

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    13 PAYING Personal Essay Markets

    Hey, writers! If you haven’t tried your hand at personal essay markets, what are you waiting for?!? This lucrative market is perfect for exploring your own opinions, insights,…

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    13 Print Magazine Markets That Pay Big Bucks

    If you’ve been focusing on getting your bi-line on blogs alone, you’re missing out on an exciting and lucrative market! Print magazines, especially national ones, are incredibly impressive…

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