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Writing for businesses (or copywriting) takes many forms: brochures, landing pages, scripts, case studies, newsletters, sales funnels, procedural manuals, the list goes on. Specialize in this growing niche and you’ll be handsomely rewarded. The pay is phenomenal.

How To Craft Attention-Grabbing Headlines Readers Can’t Resist

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Anatomy Of A Blog Post Series Lesson One: Craft Attention-Grabbing Headlines Readers Can’t Resist (Read Lesson Two: Blog Post Format & Headings: Organize Your Story)   Why Your Writing Fails Without Attention-Grabbing Headlines Face it, you may never judge a book by its cover—but every reader, every social media surfer, every internet user (including you) decides whether or not to click on an article because of its headline. If yours aren’t reaching out and grabbing peoples’ attention,…

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  • 12 marketing tools for copywriters

    12 Marketing Tools For Copywriters

    Unless you’re turning down work left and right, you should be spending time marketing your services regularly. You can schedule this for a specific day or dedicate a…

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