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There’s a lot of work to do to organize and grow your writing business.

There are income and serial rights, invoices, clients, and submissions…I know, it can feel like a lot. It is a lot to keep track of.

But don’t worry, these Paid Write printables and tools are here to help!

And not only will these freebies get you organized, some will help you market and grow your business as well.

Plus, I’ve added some limited-time free trial offers from writing-related companies around the web for all you budget-savvy wordsmiths!



122 Content Marketing Strategies



The 122 Content Marketing Strategies printable includes a bonus 11 Quick-and-Dirty Monetization Strategies and is hosted on Dropbox—so you can download it or print a copy for easy reference. Bookmark it even, if you like.





Freelance Business Bookkeeping Printables


Organize your business, track your income and expenses, keep your bookkeeping up to date, and set new freelancing goals with this practical (and pretty) set of customizable printables.




The Freelance Writer’s Time Clock


What do you make an hour?

Think it doesn’t matter since you’re a freelance writer? Think again!

I’ve explained why your hourly wage is vital to the success of your freelance writing business and how you can use this knowledge to increase your earnings.

To help you track your work hours, I’ve created the FREE Time Clock so you can start using this business strategy to give yourself a raise TODAY!




The Paid Writer’s Contract Template


FREELANCE writing contract template


Create client contracts quickly and easily with this template. Simply choose the clauses and conditions you need and delete the ones you don’t. Just be sure to save a master file!








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