21 Parenting Publications That Pay Writers

21 parenting publications that pay writers (1)

Successful freelancers align their experience with new (paying) markets to land assignments – and make more dough. If you have kids or stepkids of your own, pitching parenting publications may be a no-brainer! (Don’t know how to pitch? I’ll show you!)

These 21 Parenting Markets all pay (some REALLY well) and are all open for submissions – or will be within a week of publishing this post.

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Now, onto those parenting markets! 🙂




“Parent.co is a digital publication for people who are as curious about the world as they are committed to raising great kids. Our mission is to inspire parents and help them succeed by sharing useful, hilarious, and compelling stories every day. In an effort to cover the complex subject of parenthood from multiple angles, we publish a wide variety perspectives on parent.co.  The articles we publish are not a reflection of our personal stances at parent.co, but rather the perspectives of those who take the time to submit them.”

Compensation starts at $50 and there are also bonuses for social media share benchmarks.


Parents Magazine

“We’re here to help moms and dads raise happy, healthy kids – and have some A LOT of fun along the way. We also happen to be the online home of Parents, FamilyFun, American Baby, and Parents Latina magazines.”

Reported pay rates range from .23 cents per word to $1.87 a word.


Imperfect Parent

“The main focus of The Imperfect Parent is to provide a world view from a parent’s perspective. Our main criterion is that the writing either makes people think, laugh, or both. Our objective is to get parents to think about social issues, politics and parenting methods through humor or unique perspectives. Anecdotal stories are fine, but they need to have a point beyond parenting is hard.”

“Imperfect Parent pays on a sliding scale depending on subject, quality and length, and we will provide you with a payment offer upon acceptance before publication which you may accept or decline. Most short essay style pieces pay around $25 and go up from there.  Payments are made at the end of the following month proceeding your publishing date (e.g., for all items published in March, payment is disbursed around April 30). Book reviews pay $10. Short news Summaries pay $5 plus traffic incentive.”



Babybug, Ladybug, Spider, Cricket, Cicada

“Our literary magazines welcome submissions from writers of every level of experience. Please do not submit the same piece to multiple literary magazines. If a submission to one magazine is more appropriate for another, we will pass it on to that magazine’s editor.”

Rates have been reported at 0.8 cents per word.





Brain, Child

Brain Child and is an award-winning literary magazine for mothers. We focus on long form essays that range from 1,500 – 4,500 words. We are excited by great writing – and by both new and established writers. It makes our day when we hear from an established writer or publish an author for the first time. We believe our writers are the lifeblood of our publication and strive to publicize and promote their work through our website, Facebook (240,000+ fans), Twitter, and Pinterest platforms. We respond within eight weeks. We welcome follow up emails if by chance you do not hear from us. We pay all of our writers for published online and print pieces.”

While Brain, Child’s rates aren’t listed, they do pay their writers.




Family Fun

“Founded in 1991, FamilyFun is the country’s number-one magazine for families with
children ages 3 to 12. On every page, we give parents the information and inspiration
they need to create unforgettable family moments. We’re the trusted experts on family
cooking, vacations, parties, holidays, crafts, and learning—all the essentials that enrich
the precious time families share. To our two million subscribers, FamilyFun is where they
can find a community of parents and discover ways to build strong, healthy families.”

Pay rates are generous but vary per department, see guidelines.

Author Pro


Her View From Home

“Her View From Home is a lifestyle magazine that connects your view to the rest of the world. We strive to give you a platform to share your story and embrace everyday living through daily articles about family, kids, fashion and health, recipes and faith. Our website is made up of views from women across the country who share one common theme; a passion for their view from home.”

Pay rates are based on unique views.



“There is no one way to parent Jewishly, and we are not about to change that. Whether you grew up observing Shabbat every Friday night, or had your first taste of matzah ball soup when you married into a Jewish family, the ways you can incorporate Judaism and Jewish culture into your parenting style are diverse. Kveller is here to give you ideas you can run with–ideas for first-time parents, interfaith parents, queer parents, adoptive parents, and everything in between–with the hopes that you can find information and inspiration that is right for your family.”

Pay rates of 0.4 cents per word have been reported.




Lies About Parenting

“Our mission here at LiesAboutParenting.com is straightforward – we want to connect bright ideas with badass mamas and empower women to design a life that works for them. We do this by offering solutions and easy-to-implement actions plans for mothers who want to have more time for fun and less time for stress. Parenting tips, home buying, selling, and renting tips and tricks, greener cleaner, office and productivity management, and writing inspiration and support. We believe every badass mama can create her own happy beginning, middle, and ending.”

Feature rates are currently $50.

Free Shipping on $25



“Our goal is to help as many people as possible reach their goals and lead meaningful lives. All of our programs are medically sound, completely free of charge, community-based and accessible. BabyFit.com specializes in the areas of fitness and nutrition within the context of pregnancy and parenting.”

“Freelancers are typically paid between $25 and $90 per piece, based on experience, credentials, and writing ability, and are required to carry their own professional liability insurance.”


21 parenting publications for you to pitch


Adoptive Families

Adoptive Families is the leading information resource for parents before, during, and after adoption. The award-winning quarterly digital magazine and website provide independent, authoritative adoption parenting advice and real families’ stories. We want to hear your stories. We encourage you to share your insights and experiences with other adoptive families. And we’re always looking for great writing.”

“Writers of personal essays we publish will receive a one-year subscription to the magazine, which includes a one-year membership to adoptivefamilies.com. Payment for reported articles varies. We’re a small magazine; our pay rates are scaled accordingly.”



PTO Today

PTO Today magazine is an essential resource for leaders of parent groups (often called parent-teacher organizations) at the 80,000 elementary and middle schools across the United States. Articles focus on helping the volunteer leaders of these groups run their organizations more efficiently and support their schools more effectively.”

” Payment depends on the difficulty of the topic and the experience of the writer. We pay by the assignment, not by the word; our pay scale ranges from $200 to $700 for features and $150 to $400 for departments. We occasionally pay more for high-impact stories and highly experienced writers. We buy all rights, and we pay on acceptance (within 30 days of invoice).”


Freelance Mom

“Becoming a mom is a rite of passage for many of us. FreelanceMom is a community for moms who believe that women can still be who they are after becoming a mom. We believe the landscape has completely changed and that there is no better time for parents to be a freelancer or solopreneur.
If you agree with us, then we want to hear from you! We love hearing case-studies and other moms’ stories – and we’ll even pay you for them!”

“Articles that are selected for publication will be paid between $75 to $100 via PayPal. You must have a PayPal account to be paid. Bonus: Every month, if your article is at the top of our most shared, you’ll be the winner of a special bonus of $150.”




“Since 1998, millions have trusted ADDitude to deliver expert advice and caring support, making us the leading media network for parents and adults living with attention-deficit disorder, and for professionals working in the field. We provide well-vetted expert guidance and in-the-trenches understanding to help you navigate the very real challenges that arise from ADHD and related mental health conditions. It remains our mission to be your most reliable advisor and ally, and a source of inspiration along your path to health and well-being.”

ADDitude’s pay rate has been reported as 0.22 cents per word.




“JustParents is a community website for parents and parents-to-be to swap advice, get support in the wonderful journey of parenthood and make new friends. Our aim is to be the friendliest, easiest to use independent website for parents in the UK and worldwide.”

“We pay ÂŁ40 ($50 for our US contributors) per article published on JustParents.co.uk. Payment is made via PayPal within 24 hours of your finished article being approved.”


Parents & Kids Magazine

Parents & Kids Magazine is a resource for busy families, providing real-life solutions, sound advice, creative ideas and practical information to make their lives easier. Its informative articles and features appeal to parents—from conception through the teen years. Unlike national parenting magazines, Parents & Kids provides Jackson area families with information specific to their communities.”

“Pay begins at $25 per article.”



Thriving Family

“Thriving Family focuses on marriage and parenting from a biblical perspective. Most articles address
marriage and the needs of families with 4- to 12-year-olds in the home, but parenting preschoolers
and teens are not ignored.”

Pay rates begin at .25 cents per word.





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