The 2017 Big Holiday Wish Book For Writers

the 2017 big holiday wish book for writers

When I was a kid (way back in the 80s) J.C.Penny put out a wish book every Christmas. It was as thick as a phone book and full of toys and every year I would circle almost all of them with a thick marker so Santa and everyone in my family would know what I wanted. I realize now that my parents got me that book every year, not so they’d know what toys to buy, but because it kept me busy for weeks. And every year I looked forward to that book because it brought with it the anticipation of the holidays – and of all those amazing presents.

the 2017 big holiday wish book for writersThat’s what I’ve tried to capture here: a little bit of that magical anticipation. And as I see it, there are three ways to use this list as your personal wish book, so Santa and your family know what you want for Christmas this year!

One: Go old-school and print the wish list, then pour over it with a fat marker, and leave it somewhere for Santa to find.

« Two: Share the wish list using these handy buttons along the side of your screen with a note that says something like…

“Found this wish list and I sure would love #7, #12, and #20 for Christmas this year!”

Or Three: Be bold and a little brazen by sharing that same message – but tag your potential gift-givers so they’re sure to see it.

Of course, you can always do what I do too, which is order a present for yourself and ensure you get exactly what you’re wishing for. Santa be damned. 🙂

But no matter how you use the wish list, my hope is this: May it bring you all the magic and anticipation of a small child dreaming of the holidays in fuzzy pajamas with a mug of hot chocolate and a thick marker.


#1 Writer’s Block Journal

It’s cliche and you’ve probably already seen it on social media but you can use your writer’s block journal (it has over 300 blank pages) as a desk ornament and burn it (for symbolism) if you’re ever stuck for more than a day or two.





#2 Do you?

Obviously not recommended for non-fiction writers – or journalists. Comes in six colors for men, women, and children.






#3 For When You Doubt Yourself (And Your Writing)

From the executive director or NaNoWriMo! I don’t own this book (yet) so it’s definitely circled on my list!






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#4 Fun For The Whole Family

Board games are boring. With Storymatic you get writing prompts and plot twists for you, plus storytelling fun for the whole family.




#5 What’s Your Street?

Visitors will never miss your house with this aluminum sign pointing the way!




#6 Pimp Your Ride With Writer Style

Let everyone know you have the best job on the planet with this license plate frame.




#7 NovelTeas

It doesn’t get any more English than this! 25 individual English breakfast tea bags with famous literary quotes. Makes me want some fancy biscuits. 🙂






#8 For Young Writers

If you have an aspiring, young writer on your gift list, this guidebook (written by two accomplished authors) is full of welcome advice.






#9 Diamonds Are For Suckers

Simple and understated, these studs are the perfect compliment to your yoga pants and top bun. (Bonus points if you’ve got a pen stuck in there.)




#10 Speak-To-Type Simplicity

Write your next book aloud with this popular dictation software. You talk, it types – and it’s available with a number of price options for home, professionals, and students.

$48.79 – $122.97



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#11 To Thine Own Self Be True

A beautiful, lacquer-finished, refillable, metal pen with the perfect Shakespearian reminder etched into its stem.






#12 This Pillow Lies

The perfect accent pillow for your bed or reading chair, even if we both know better than to believe it.






#13 Hello, Gorgeous

Soft, pliable leather wrapped around 150 pages of artisan paper with a built-in pen loop and a handy bookmark. Sheer romance.




#14 Temporary Tattoo Fun

This set of two 3″ x 2″ temporary tattoos defy writer’s block. Keep both or share one with a writing friend!




#15 It’s What We Live For

The perfect accompaniment to sweats, a red pen, and a mug of hot coffee. Five colors to choose from.





#16 Tweet In Analog

This 5-year journal has just enough room for one line a day, making it the perfect keepsake to look back on in years to come. Don’t like the cover? It comes in a number of stylish designs.






#17 Hot Coffee & Good Books

Is there any more perfect a match? All that’s missing is you and a nice, thick hardcover.







#18 Stick It

Slap it on your bumper, or your journal. Comes in two sizes and your choice of white or clear background.






#19 Poetic License

The perfect decal for those who love prose. Comes in two sizes and your choice of clear or white vinyl.







#20 Your Daily Instructions

Need a reminder? It’s simple. Write.






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#21 Pink Perfection

This vintage typewriter would look absolutely stunning on a white bumper.




#22 Get Your Grammar On

This chick is amazing – and she’s willing to keep you company while you resubmit AMP pages and design graphics with this grammar-talk podcast. There’s also a 2018 desk calendar that will improve your grammar for $12.99.





#23 Live A Creative Life

I love everything Julia Cameron puts out (which explains the two books below) but this one is probably the most popular, at least on the actual subject of writing, and for good reason. It’s full of activities, exercises, and practices (like artist dates, morning pages, and composting) for artists of all kinds. Guaranteed to shake up your creative process.










#24 Never Get Caught Naked Again

Ever had an idea in the shower but no way to write it down? I know, it’s so cliche. Which is why this waterproof writing pad is so perfect!





#25 So Many Gel Pens!

This set comes with 60 pens and 60 refills. Plus, it includes 10 metallic and 12 glitter gels!






#26 Get Ready For New Year’s Eve

Celebrate the greatest literary drinkers with shot glasses touting quotes about drinking from each author like Yeats, who said, “The problem with some people is that when they’re not drunk, they’re sober.”






#27 Document Your Travels

Even hiking deserves to be documented.





#28 Peace. Love. Books.

Stay warm this winter with my favorite piece of cold weather apparel: the hoodie. Comes in black and grey.

(Not to brag but I have a Peace, Love & Books hoodie. 🙂 )





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#29 Slim Fit Writer

Less bulky than traditional hoodies and it comes in four delightful colors.

$27.99 – $31.99, depending on size






#30 One More

Sorry, I’ll stop with the hoodies. I just love the typewriter image.








#31 Anyone For Rummy?

This standard deck of cards features famous authors and their notable works.







#32 Where My Girls At?

And since not all literary greats were men, there’s a whole other deck for the ladies.







#33 Elevator Speach Ready

If you’re gonna print this on a mug, it ought to be on one that you take out of the house.






#34 Leave The Damn House

Hemingway says it better and still reminds us today that, “In order to write about life, first you must live it,” with this engraved pen.






#35 Learn Better

I haven’t read it yet (so I can’t personally recommend it) but it’s written for life-long learners, not students, and it’s getting great reviews.







#36 Rock On

Punk rock authors on the front, this Oscar Wilde quote on the back:

“It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion.”





#37 You Look Puzzled

1,000 pieces of female-authored book cover goodness.




#38 Soon

No matter how far off that future is. Comes in men, women, and youth sizes, as well as five colors.





#39 How Adorable Is This?

I know it probably isn’t on your personal wish list (it’d be way too small) but us writers love giving book-ish presents and this onesie is too perfect.





#40 Where My Prose At?

Come on, that’s funny.






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#41 They Do

Looks like somebody found their new coffee shop tote.







#42 You Rebel

Show off your rebellious streak the next time you step out. Comes in three sizes.

$20.00 – $26.00





#43 Stylish. Totes.

Three available sizes, every one of them awesome.

$20.00 – $26.00





#44 And Proud Of It

I couldn’t find one that said rockstar content machine.





#45 Data Ninja

Get your Excel (or Google docs) on in this comfy tee.







#46 It Really Is

Written by the founder of Freelancers Union, this is the most comprehensive guide to launching a freelance writing career I’ve ever read.






#47 For Those Who Ponder

And you know you do. You’re a writer, after all.







#48 Master Personal Discipline

This undated, daily planner is designed to help you master productivity, discipline, and focus in a mere 100 days.






#49 Commercial Freelancing 101

Learn to write for and market yourself to businesses with this copywriting classic.







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#50 The Ultimate Writing Market Directory

The deluxe edition gives you access to the digital database as well, which is totally worth it.






#51 Get The Magazine

Cause the mailbox should be more fun than just bills. Make sure to select the one-year subscription (with or without auto-renew) in the right sidebar.






#52 Get Glossy

All the publishing news that’s fit to print.







#53 Industry Insider

This digital subscription is delivered monthly and includes a free 30-day trial. You can read it anywhere that supports Kindle, including your smartphone.






#54 Attention Authors

Want to know what’s going on in the world of book publishing? The first thirty days of this Kindle subscription are free.







#55 Informed & Inspired

Feed your brain with some of the most prestigious publications in the country, including this one.







#56 These Vagabond Shoes

Save 95% off the regular subscription rate with this 3-month auto-renewal option.








#57 Need Some Space?

This 2TB external hard drive has all the space you need for family pics, movies, your new novel, or your extensive research.





#58 Book Buying Spree

Of course, you can order whatever you like from Amazon with this gift card, but you know you want to blow it all on books. Admit it.




#59 Bird by Bird

A book on writing that reads like fiction, with some humor as well! If you’re a writer and haven’t read this, you’re missing out.







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#60 Beautiful Strokes For Beautiful Folks

This complete kit includes an instructional book and all the supplies needed to complete the lessons within.






#61 Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Pen-Holder

These beautiful, antique-finish pens come with five non-toxic inks and six tips so you can dip to your heart’s content.






#62 Wax Seals Are So Extra

Go old school – way old school – with this wax sealing stamp set.







#63 Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Put your writer hat on. Better yet, put it on in six different colors.







#64 Refrigerator Poet

The original magnetic poetry kit with over 300 words.








#65 Prettify Your Files

‘Cause manilla’s just plain boring.







#65 The Business Card Briefcase

Impress your contacts twice: once with your card and again with this case. Comes in silver and black, too.







#66 Desktop Perfection

You know all that stuff that piles up on your desk? Yeah, me too, but this easily expandable shelf makes it look organized.







#67 Wireless & Hands-Free

Podcast and record from your laptop, smartphone, and tablet with this wireless headset.







#68 Make Headlines

Comfy leggings featuring headlines from the Daily Prophet.








#69 Cuts & Clippings

This handmade cover will quickly transform that boring throw pillow you’ve been meaning to replace.






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#70 Full Contact

Almost twenty feet of waterproof, removable, ‘vintage newspaper’ contact paper. Oh, the possibilities.







#71 Back Issues Giving You Hell?

As you research publications, those back issues pile up. Organize them by publication or genre, while looking good.







#72 Get A Bag o’ Bookmarks

Thirty bookish page markers, obviously for the avid reader.








#73 I Like My Coffee Heavy On The Wordplay

After all, he’s just a Poe boy, from a Poe family.







#74 Damn Right

Loud and proud – and available in five stylish colors.







#75 Bookish (Temporary) Body Art

An actual book of bookish and writer-ly temporary tattoos. Bravo.








#76 The Philosopher’s Shower Curtain

And why can’t they?








#77 Seize The Book

Solid career advice, whether you’re writing, editing or promoting.







#78 Literary Aromatherapy

Made in Jersey, 100% soy, and burns for over eighty hours. Perfect because libraries close at night.







#79 Messenger On The Move

Fully embroidered and at 16 inches, it’s the perfect size for your books, and your laptop.





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#80 “Men Have Called Me Mad”

Dye-free, soy candle with 50-60 hours of very vanilla scent. Perfect to light on a dark, stormy night.






#81 Relax With A Long, Winter Soak

Expandable. Non-slip. Bamboo. Your new best friend through the chilly days of winter just arrived.






#82 Toasty & Tasteful

This one’s printed with literary quotes about moms, but the company also sells Pride and Prejudice, Alice in Wonderland, Dracula, Peter Pan, Sherlock Holmes, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, the Raven, Frankenstein, and Dorian Gray selections.





#83 The Card Catalog

This coffee-table-worthy masterpiece features more than 200 full-color images of original catalog cards, first edition book covers, and photographs from the Library of Congress’ extensive and historical archives.






#84 Shakespearian Modern

Five snazzy colors and it comes in styles to fit men, women, and kids.








#85 She Is Fierce

A hand-stamped cuff to remind you.





#86 Go Team!

Like it or not, they’re the reigning champs.






Happy Holidays, you amazing freelancers!


the 2017 big holiday wish book for writers

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