13 Print Magazine Markets That Pay Big Bucks

print magazine markets for freelance writers

If you’ve been focusing on getting your bi-line on blogs alone, you’re missing out on an exciting and lucrative market! Print magazines, especially national ones, are incredibly impressive to digital publishing editors and prospective clients, making their logos look damn fine in the ‘I’ve been featured in…’ section of your freelance website.

Print publishing is actually so valuable in building a thriving writing career, I’m going to really quickly and shamelessly (affiliate) plug the Writer’s Market from Writer’s Digest as the bible of print markets. This annual directory is an invaluable market resource for professional writers that you should know about—no exaggeration, they’re like two inches thick and almost 1,000 pages—and the digital subscription option that comes with the deluxe version is well worth the investment.

I’ll let their Amazon description explain the difference:

“Writer’s Market Deluxe Edition 2017 includes everything you expect in a regular copy of Writer’s Market, PLUS a one-year subscription to WritersMarket.com. With it, you’ll gain instant access to more than 7,500 listings for book publishers, magazines, contests, literary agents, and more–with daily updates.”

If you line up all my Writer’s Markets, they look like a set of encyclopedias. 🙂

Plus they’re tax deductible.

You can pre-order the 2018 edition, which is scheduled to release on August 31, or purchase the 2017 edition immediately, which is cheaper, but will obviously be somewhat outdated.

In the meantime, while you work on getting your hands on a copy of Writer’s Market, there are plenty of print magazine opportunities to be found with a good old-fashioned web search.

I’ll save you and google the hassle, though. 🙂


EatingWell Magazine

“EatingWell is the only national food magazine that focuses exclusively on eating healthfully. Our readers are interested not only in cooking and nutrition science, but also in the origins of food and social issues related to food networks. We welcome ideas from new writers. If you haven’t worked with us before, it’s best to start off pitching front-of-book ideas, even if you’re an established writer. Consider it an audition for a longer piece.”

EatingWell prefers pitches via email and pays up to $1/word.

View EatingWell’s Full Submission Guidelines

Yes! Magazine


“We publish four themed print issues a year, and on the web every day. Most YES! readers are participants in creating the world they want to see, and depend on us to show them what other change-makers have achieved. Our stories tend to fall into a few specific beats, which center around the key problems of our time: climate change and environmental degradation; economic inequality; racial injustice; and the erosion of civil liberties. We want to know what solutions are working, as well as what people have learned along the way.”

Yes! prefers pitches via email. “Rates are typically between 25 and 50 cents a word, depending on your experience and the amount of reporting required.”

View Yes! Magazine’s Full Submission Guidelines



The Bark Magazine

“The Bark, which is enjoyed by 250,000 readers, is a magazine about life with dogs; we pay homage to the age-old relationship between our two species. With each issue, we seek to bring our readers a literate and entertaining spectrum of dog-centric articles and stories. While much of our content is assigned in advance, we also wish to provide a forum for writers who have a special appreciation for dogs.

Email submissions are now accepted. The Bark pays upon publication; compensation varies according to complexity and length of article and is individually negotiated.”

View The Bark’s Full Submission Guidelines


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Bitch Magazine


“Our definition of pop culture is broad, encompassing cultural attitudes and myths, phenomena of the popular imagination, and social trends as well as movies, TV, magazines, books, advertising, and the like. We are looking for discussion-provoking critical essays that are well researched with evidence to back up claims, timely statistics, and connections between one’s personal experience and larger social forces. Interviews with feminist culture-makers are welcome, as are book, film, and music reviews and nuanced analyses of particularly horrifying and/or inspiring examples of pop culture.

Payment varies but is generally $500 for features, $200 for dispatches, and $50 for Department of Everything pieces. All of our writers are paid. Please send all materials through our submission manager. Submit to the section of the magazine that best fits your pitch. We do not accept submissions or pitches through the mail.”

View Bitch Magazine’s Full Submission Guidelines

Author Pro



Marie Claire Magazine

“Please make sure you are familiar with our content by reading previous issues. We prefer to receive story proposals rather than completed work, so please send a query letter detailing your idea to the address below for the magazine. If the editors find the subject suitable, they will contact you. Please enclose clips of your previously published materials, which we are unable to return to you. Please allow 4-6 weeks for a response.”

Features Submissions are accepted by mail at Marie Claire Magazine 300 West 57th St., 34th Fl. New York, NY 10019-1497 and rates are unlisted.

View Marie Claire’s Full Submission Guidelines




“Sierra is the storytelling arm of the Sierra Club, the United States’ oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental group. We are a national print and digital magazine publishing award-winning journalism and cutting-edge photography, art, and video dedicated to protecting the natural world. Combining features on green living and outdoor adventure with reporting about threats to the environment, Sierra brings together leading journalists, photographers, and filmmakers to convey the ideals at the heart of the Sierra Club’s mission.

Feature lengths range from 2,000 words to (rarely) 4,000 words or more with payment starting at $1/word and rising to $1.50 word for more well-known writers with crackerjack credentials.” Submissions are accepted via email.

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View Sierra’s Full Submission Guidelines



skirt! Magazine

skirt! publishes two personal essays every month on topics relating to women and women’s interests. All essays for consideration should be submitted in their entirety and be between 800 and 1,100 words. Essays must fit one of our monthly themes. Payment for essays is $200. We reserve the right to edit articles for length and content.

View skirt! Magazine’s Full Submission Guidelines

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13 print magazine markets that pay big bucks



Backpacker Magazine


“Our readers are knowledgeable and experienced backpackers, therefore we accept only authentic, well-researched, well-crafted stories (see the section on “Accuracy,” below). We’re not interested in slavish imitations of stories we’ve already done. As always, you should carefully study several issues of the magazine before submitting a query. The best articles have style, depth, emotional impact, and take-away value for the reader.

In general, we pay on acceptance and buy all rights. We pay $.40 to more than $1.00 per word, depending upon the complexity and demands of the article, as well as the proven experience of the writer.” Backpacker magazine accepts queries via email.

View Backpacker Magazine’s Full Submission Guidelines



Salvo Magazine

Salvo publishes an eclectic range of articles in the areas of sex, science, and society. What distinguishes our content is its systematic deconstruction of false ideologies, philosophies, and worldviews. Articles should be well-researched and logically sound, as well as somewhat timeless in subject matter. Salvo is intended as a permanent resource; thus, articles that are overly tied to current events will be rejected. Articles should be informative and entertaining, and they should be somewhat “cheeky” in tone. Humor is encouraged, as are sidebars to help supplement an article’s content.

Original articles are given an honorarium of twenty cents per published word. Authors receive one author’s copy of the magazine.” Submissions are accepted via email.

View Salvo Magazine’s Full Submission Guidelines


Working Mother Magazine


“Our readers and followers include full-time, part-time and sidelined moms who work at public and private companies of all types and sizes; who are entrepreneurs; and who are self-employed.

Feature pitches should specifically relate to the working mom, whether geared to her work, family, personal well-being or a mixture of these. Features are also assigned to fit our initiative packages (100 Best Companies, Best Companies for Multicultural Women, NAFE 50 Top Companies for Executive Women and 50 Best Law Firms for Women). We like tightly focused pieces that celebrate working moms while sensibly solving or illuminating a problem unique to our readers and/or their children and family.”

Queries are accepted via email, though rates are currently unlisted.

View Working Mother Magazine’s Full Submission Guidelines


Spirituality & Health Magazine


“We cover a broad range of topics under the umbrella of health and spirituality, which can include faith, eastern philosophy, meditation and mainstream religion; nutrition, wellness, yoga and holistic medicine; creativity, the inner life, social justice and issues of conscience; and public health, the human body and the environment. Our readers are generally spiritual “seekers” who may or may not be traditionally religious.

Types of stories can include personal essays; how-to and service pieces, including recipes; newsy coverage of the latest trends and research; deeply reported narrative journalism; and in-depth enterprise and investigative reporting. We are looking for submissions from writers with strong magazine or journalism experience, or from credentialed experts who can write and communicate effectively.”

Rates are unlisted and pitches are accepted via email and through a form within the submission guidelines.

View Spirituality & Health Magazine’s Full Submission Guidelines


PassageMaker Magazine


“PassageMaker Magazine is a publication covering all aspects of trawlers and ocean motorboats, and welcomes contributions from around the world. Our lifestyle focus addresses the realities of cruising under power and passagemaking. We want balanced articles that are creative, constructive, and informational—with depth. The combination of your personal experiences with technical or informative aspects is the type of story we are interested in. We reserve the right to edit for clarity, organization, and length, and at times may work with an author to create a more complete submission.

Payment is determined following the production process of an article and is issued upon publication. Payment ranges from $300–$950 for magazine feature articles, which can range from 800-4000 words in length and from $150-400 for Channels e-newsletter articles, which should be no longer than 1200 words. We encourage you to contact us with story ideas as well as complete submissions.” Submissions are accepted via email.

View PassageMaker Magazine’s Full Submission Guidelines


The Artist’s Magazine



The Artist’s Magazine, with a circulation of 60,000, is created for artists and art enthusiasts. It showcases the best work—in all media and in all styles—of the best artists working today. With practical lessons in technique, engaging interviews, lively discussions of timely issues and news of exhibitions and events, The Artist’s Magazine inspires, informs, encourages and instructs so that an artist’s creative life will be filled with success as well as pleasure.

Our writers are visual artists or writers who understand the ups and downs of the creative process and who can ask good questions. We want writers who have personality and who are rigorous, professional, exact and represent our magazine well.

We buy all rights for articles and typically pay $400 to $600 for features.” Queries are accepted by mail.

View The Artist’s Magazine’s Full Submission Guidelines


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